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UAPUser agent profile (Used by wireless telephony applications)
UBRaw unsigned byte (8-bit) data
UC2Compressed archive (UltraCompressor II)
UCNNew compressed archive (UltraCompressor II)
UDFUnique Database (Microsoft Windows NT)
UDFImage filter (Photostyler)
UDWRaw unsigned doubleword (32-bit) data
UE2Encrypted archive (UltraCompressor II)
UFOObject file (Ulead)
UGDrawing file (AutoCAD and others)
UHSBinary file (Universal Hint System)
UIEspire source code (Geoworks UI Compiler)
UIUser interface file (Sprint)
UIFLong prompts for Microsoft Windows ((Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)
UIHEspire header file (Geoworks UI Compiler)
ULAudio file (ULAW)
ULAW(CCITT G.711) audio (US Telephony)
ULDUploaded file information (Procomm Plus)
ULTMusic module (MOD) (UltraTracker)
UMBBackup file (archive) (MemMaker)
UNIUniMod music module (MOD) (MikMod)
UNIDatafile (Forcast Pro)
UNXText file (Unix specific information)
UPDUpdated program data (Generic)
UPDUniversal print driver (developed as a cross-platform print driver to replace the 3,000 or so current print drivers)
UPDUpdated program data (dBase)
UPIProgram file (ULead Photo Impact)
UPOCompiled updated datafile (dBase)
UPXSaved Image file (ULead Photo Express)
URFUniversal radar format (Radar ViewPoint)
URLInternet shortcut file (Universal Resource Locator)
USESource Integrity file (MKS)
USPPrinter font w/updated USACII extended character set (Pagemaker)
USRUser database file (Procomm Plus)
USRAudit trail file (Pro/Engineer)
USRUser database file (Turbo C++)
USRUser database file (Tour)
UUUU-encoded file
UUCompressed ASCII archive (UUDE/ENCODE)
UUEExecutable compressed ASCII archive (UUDE/ENCODE)
UUEUU-encoded file
UWRaw unsigned 16-bit) datafile (Word)
UWFWave file (UltraTracker)

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