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9-11 Attack on America

Attack on America

On September 12, the North Atlantic Council met in response to the attacks perpetrated against the United States. It was agreed that if the attacks were directed from abroad, they shall be covered by Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty: "The Parties agree that an armed attack against one or more of them in Europe or North America shall be considered an attack against them all [...]"


  The First Attack on America

The World Trade Center complex was located in the heart of New York's financial district. The complex was made up of seven buildings, including One and Two World Trade Center also known as the Twin Towers. The towers housed 55,000 employees working for 350 firms from over 25 countries. On Sept. 11, 2001, at 8:46 a.m. EDT, a hijacked plane crashed into the north tower (One WTC).

American Airlines flight 11 (Boeing 767), Boston-Los Angeles:
7:59: The plane took off from Boston's Logan International Airport.  

8:20: It stopped transmitting IFF beacon signal.  
8:46: It struck the WTC's north tower (One WTC).  
8:47: NORAD was informed of the plane striking the WTC.  
Flash: Final flight path of aircrafts
Attack of the WTC


  The Second Attack on America

United Airlines flight 175 (Boeing 767):

  8:14: The plane took off from Boston's Logan International Airport.
  8:43: NORAD was notified that the plane had been hijacked.
  8:50: The plane deviated from its assigned path.
  8:52: Two F-15 Eagles took off to intercept the plane.
  9:02: The plane struck the WTC's south tower (Two WTC). The fighters were 70 miles away.


The south tower (left) collapsed at 10:05 a.m.
The north tower (right) collapsed at 10:28 a.m.


  The Third Attack on America

American Airlines flight 77 (Boeing 757), Washington-Los Angeles:

  8:20: The plane took off from Dulles International Airport.
  9:25: NORAD was notified that the plane may have been hijacked.
  9:25: The FAA shut down all air traffic in the country.
  9:35: Three F-16 Fighting Falcons took off.
  9:37: The plane was lost from radar screens.
  9:38: The plane struck the Pentagon.


Flash: Bombing | Close up


  The Fourth Attack on America (Failed)

United Airlines flight 93 (Boeing 757), Newark-Los Angeles:

  8:42: The plane took off from Newark International Airport.
  9:16: NORAD was notified that the plane may have been hijacked.
  9:40: Transponder signal ceased and radar contact was lost.
  10:02: Radar signal (on radar tapes) detected near Shanksville, Penn.

Some passengers' family members described phone calls saying there might be an attempt to retake control of the plane. The voice recorder revealed that there was a struggle.  


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