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IIntermediate file (Borland C++)
IANText file (Sterling Software) (Groundworks COOL Business Team Model)
IAXBitmap (IBM Image Acess eXecutive)
IBMCompressed archive (ARCHDOS, IBM Internal only)
ICACitrix file
ICABitmap graphic (Image Object Content Architecture)
ICBTarga bitmap
ICCPrinter file (Kodak)
ICCCatalog file (IronClad)
ICDDrawing file (IronClad)
ICLIcon Library (Generic industry standard)
ICMImage Color Matching profile
ICNIcon source code
ICOIcon (Microsoft Windows 3.x)
ICSScene file (IronClad)
IDDisk identification file (Generic)
IDBIntermediate file (Microsoft Developer)
IDDMIDI Instrument Definition
IDEProject file (Borland C++ v4.5)
IDFMIDI Instrument Definition (Windows 95 required file)
IDIFIdentification file (Netscape saved address book)
IDQData Query (Internet)
IDWVector graphic (IntelliDraw)
IDXRelational database index (Microsoft FoxPro)
IDXRelational database index (Symantec Q&A)
IDXMicrosoft Outlook Express file
IDXIndex file (Microsoft Clip Gallery v. 1.x)
IDXIndex file (Pro/Engineer)
IFDForm (JetForm Design)
IFFInterchange File Format,(data storage format)(Amiga,Electronic Arts)
IFFImage (Sun TAAC/SDSC Image Tool)
IFODigital Video Disk (DVD) datafile
IFOGraphic object layer data (ImageForge Pro)
IFPScript file (KnowledgeMan)
IFSCompressed fractal image (Yuvpak)
IFSSystem file (OS/2)
IFSCreate executable library (ImageForge/ImageForge Pro)
IGESInitial Graphics Exchange Specification (Generic)
IGFMetafile (Inset Systems)
IGRDrawing design file (SmartSketch, by InterGraph)
IIFInterchange file (QuickBooks for Windows)
IIMMusic module
ILBDatafile (Scream Tracker)
ILBMBitmap (graphic image)
ILKProgram outline (Microsoft ILink incremental linker)
IM8Raster graphic (Sun Microsystems)
IMAImage (WinImage)
IMAVector graphic (EGO,Chart)
IMFMIDI music file (Corridor 7, Blake Stone, Wolfenstein 3D, Spear of Destiny)
IMGImage (GEM)
IMGBitmap graphic (Ventura Publisher)
IMPSpreadsheet (Lotus Improv)
IMQImage presentation (ImageQ)
IMSCreate executable library data (IconForge)
IN$Installation file (HP NewWave)
IN3Input device driver (Harvard Graphics v3.0)
INBTest script (Vermont High Test)
INCInclude file (Assembler language or Active Server)
INDIndex (dBase IV)
INDShared Database file (Specifically in Microsoft Windows)
INFInformation file (Generic)
INFType I LaserJet font information file
INFInstall script (Generic)
INIInitialization file (Generic)
INISetup file (MWave DSP synth's mwsynth.ini GM)
INIBank setup file (Gravis UltraSound)
INKPantone reference fills file (CorelDRAW)
INLInline function file (Microsoft Visual C++)
INPSource code for form, (Oracle,version 3.0 and earlier)
INRSINRS-Telecommunications audio
INSInstall script (InstallShield)
INSSign-up file (X-Internet)
INSInstrument file (Ensoniq EPS Family)
INSSample (Cell/II MAC/PC instruments)
INSDatafile (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)
INSInstallation script (1st Reader)
INSInstrument music file (Adlib)
INTIntermediate executable code (Produced when a source program is syntax-checked)
INTInterfaced units (Borland)
INXIndex file (Foxbase)
IOCompressed archive (CPIO)
IOB3D graphics database (TDDD format)
IOCOrganizational chart (Instant ORGcharting!)
IOFFindit document (Microsoft Findit)
IONFile description (4dos descript.ion)
IONPlain text (ASCII Mascot data file), (Matrox)
IPLPantone Spot reference pallette (CorelDRAW)
IPSInternational patching system binary patch file
IQYInternet inquiry (Microsoft)
ISOLists the files on a CD-ROM; based on the ISO 9660 CD-ROM file system standard
IRSResource file (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)
ISDSpell checker dictionary (RapidFile)
ISHCompressed archive (ISH)
ISOISO (International Standards Organization table, aka: ISO)
ISPSign-up file(X-Internet)
ISTInstrument file (Digitaltracker)
ISUUninstall script (InstallShield)
ITSettings file (intalk)
ITFInterface file (JPI Pascal TopSpeed)
ITMusic module (MOD) (Impulse Tracker)
ITIInstrument file (Impulse Tracker)
ITSSample file (Impulse Tracker)
ITSInternet document set (possibly a Microsoft file)
IVOpen Inventor file
IVDMicrodata dimension or variable-level file (Beyond 20/20)
IVPUser subset profile (Beyond 20/20)
IVTTable or aggregate data (Beyond 20/20)
IVXMicrodata directory (Beyond 20/20)
IWScreensaver (Idlewild)
IWPresentation flowchart (IconAuthor-HSC Interactive)
IWAText file (IBM Writing Assistant)
IWCInstall Watch document
IWMStart file (IconAuthor)
IWPText file (Wang)
IXFFax document file (IFX for FAX)
IZTBinary token file (IZT)

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